Many people assume they will attain good health so long as they follow a vegetarian diet. The truth is, eating just one or a few types of plant food is not enough. People who eat this way may not take in sufficient amounts of nutrients. Each type of fruit and vegetable has a unique profile of nutrients. These different plant-based nutrients work hand in hand to provide the body with comprehensive nourishment and to keep disease at bay.

For instance, cancer formation is a complex process, so eating just one or a few types of phytochemicals is not sufficient to stop cancer formation in its tracks; these malignant cells can continue to grow.

Each type of plant contains its own unique phytochemicals, antioxidants, and polysaccharides—each of these can help stop a certain part of the cancer formation process. Obtaining a good mix of nutrients by eating a wide variety of plant foods helps to nourish and maintain a robust immune system that can safeguard health and put a stop to the different stages of cancer formation.

It is ideal to eat a wide array of multicolored fruits and vegetables to obtain a rich variety of nutrients to nourish the immune system. This can boost one’s immunity to fight against disease.

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