July 14, 2011

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Who is Wholesome EE Healthy Fastfood Pte Ltd


Wholesome EE Healthy Fastfood Pte Ltd is a unique healthy lifestyle concept training company, focused on health consultancy, development, quality products supplies and professional training based on the Principle of Nutritional Immunology.

Science of Nutritional Immunology


Are we too often caught up in the daily rat race that we fail to live life to the fullest? What is wealth and success if we are plagued with chronic ailments like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes or worse, cancer?

Our principles

Fight Diseases and Live Longer


Nutritional Immunology is a highly relevant science that revolves around the fundamental desire of human beings to fight diseases and live longer. It studies the link between nutrition and the immune system. It advocates prevention over cure.

 Advocates Prevention Over Cure


Like the engine of a car, our immune system requires sufficient fuel for it to always be in peak performance. An appropriate and adequate supply of disease-preventing nutrients like antioxidants, phytochemicals and polysaccharides gives us the nourishment needed to protect our body from daily viral, bacterial and other dangerous threats.

 Disease Preventing Nutrients


Nutritional Immunology encourages us to obtain these disease-preventing nutrients from a wide variety of plant sources, such as cactus, soy, mushroom, grape seed and ginseng berry on a daily basis. What is amazing is that Nutritional Immunology not only advocates eating wholesome foods but also guides the selection of plant species and parts as well as harvesting and processing methods.

 Nature has blessed us


Nature has blessed us with an incredibly effective fortress against nasty pathogens through the human immune system. With proper nourishment, it is able to build up a strong defence against diseases like cancer, diabetes and influenza. Through the production of ‘immune soldiers’, such as macrophages, B and T white blood cells, our immune system actively seeks out foreign enemies and destroys them. Microbes are constantly present in the environment but we do not succumb readily when our immune system is well-maintained. The only indication of our immune system being compromised is when we fall sick.

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