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Wholesome EE Healthy Fastfood is a training provider for health seminars based on the principal of Nutritional Immunology
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Nutritional Immunology

Nutritional immunology lifestyle is a holistic approach in attaining good health. What you eat, do and think greatly affects how your immune system works.

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A Healthier Diet, A Better Life

Good nutrition can prevent many diseases and therefore, stop you from having to turn to potentially harmful drugs. knowledge comes power.

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Nutrition Misconception

Health information are readily available nowadays, yet chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart diseases are on the rise. Where is the missing link?

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How to Be A Wise Consumer

It’s very important to be a wise consumer to know what you are eating! it’s very informative to learn what are the common food additives and preservatives in food and are they safe?

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Wholesome EE Healthy Fastfood Pte Ltd is a unique healthy lifestyle concept training company, focused on health consultancy, development, quality products supplies and professional training based on the Principle of Nutritional Immunology.

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